What is bookline?

Bookline is a virtual assistant that answers the phone in restaurants to manage reservations.

What does it do?

Bookline is able to answer calls to manage reservations. This includes inserting, modifying, cancelling reservations. It also makes proposals if there is no availability for the date and time requested by the customer.

What does it NOT do?

It doesn’t know how to register reservations with special requests. In those cases it transfers the call to the restaurant.

What languages does it speak?

English and Spanish.

How much does it cost?

The price varies according to the activity of the restaurant. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your restaurant.

Can I try it for free?

We offer a 2-week trial without obligation. If you are not convinced with the service by the end of the trial , we will assist you in the uninstallation without any cost.

How does it work?

The restaurant activates the diversion on the phone and the robot will answer on behalf of the restaurant. In case it is not able to manage the call, it transfers the call back to the restaurant.

How do I install it?

A diversion is activated on the restaurant’s phone to our system. Depending on the case we have to provide a physical VoIP phone

How do I uninstall it?

By dialing a code in the restaurant’s phone. This code depends on each phone provider and will be provided to you at the beginning of the test without obligation.

What do I need to use the bookline?

A digital reservation book and a phone.

How do I know if the bookline is for me?

Bookline is not for everyone. It will only be of value to you if you receive many bookings by phone and/or if your staff cannot cope with all of them.

How do I know if it is serving my customers well?

At the end of each month, we provide an activity report. In that report you will see some metrics that will help you to evaluate the performance of the virtual assistant.

Do you have other channels?

Facebook and WhatsApp.

How many calls can you automate?

On average we are able to automate 80% of the calls without human intervention. This percentage is indicative and may vary depending on the type of calls that you receive.

Who is using this?

Bookline started 3 years ago. We currently manage over 12,000 calls per month and operate in more than 10 cities.

Why Bookline?

If you decide to take the trial without obligation you will understand why. :guiño:

What are the benefits?

Among others, 24/7 and immediate attention, savings of 2-3 minutes of work for each automated call, reservation assurance at work peaks, more freedom for the waiters to give a better attention in the restaurant.

What happens if someone calls and doesn’t want to make a reservation?

If the robot doesn’t detect that it is a reservation, it passes the call directly to the restaurant.

What if the customer wants to talk to the restaurant and there is no one available?

Depending on the preferences of the restaurant, the robot can redirect the call to the manager’s mobile, inform the customer to call during service hours or simply wait a few minutes until a waiter is available.

What happens if the robot makes a mistake while obtaining the reservation data?

The robot always asks the user to confirm the reservation data to ensure that the data is correct before registering it in your digital book.

What happens if I am closed on a particular day?

You indicate in your reservation book that you do not want to receive reservations for that day. Bookline immediately detects the change and updates the available booking slots.

What happens if I have a full shift?

Bookline detects it from your reservation book and depending on the preferences of the restaurant transfers the call or indicates to the customer that the shift is full.

What happens if I don’t update the reservation book in real time?

You can limit the scope of the bookline so that it does not work with all the tables in the restaurant and thus avoid possible desynchronization between the reservation book and reality.

What happens if a customer does not want to talk to the robot?

If the customer stays silent or says any word other than reservation, the robot passes the call to the restaurant.

Can I customize it?

Yes. The experience in each restaurant is unique and that is why the robot adapts to the way the restaurant treats its customers.

Can I activate it only for hours?

Yes. The robot can be configured with the schedule that best suits your restaurant.

I want to deactivate the robot, what do I have to do?

You need to enter a code in the restaurant’s phone that varies depending on the phone provider. Bookline provides this information at the time of installation.

How do customers identify themselves?

Bookline asks for the customer’s name but you can also identify the reservation by the telephone number.