[IMAGE]Personalising your greeting

Your customers have a certain image of you: enhance it and differentiate yourself from the rest. You can give the assistant a more relaxed, elegant or informal attitude depending on what you want to convey.

[IMAGE]Zone management

See the availability of tables by zone in real time and fill tables more quickly.

[IMAGE]Allergies and food preferences management

Register your customers’ intolerances at the time of booking: you will offer a more personalised customer service.

[IMAGE]Weather forecasting

Offer customers the possibility of choosing an area according to the weather forecast thanks to an app that provides real-time forecasts.

[IMAGE]Menu recommendation

Enhance the offer of your menu by informing about the latest novelties.

[IMAGE]Demand forecast

Know how many customers come to your restaurant and in which time slots you have more demand.

[IMAGE]Shift duration

Inform your customers about the time they have to spend in your restaurant.

[IMAGE]The big questions: FAQ’s

Inform your customers about where they can park their vehicles or solve their doubts to facilitate their arrival at the restaurant.