Maximize the RevPAR per call with AI


From hotel and restaurant reservation planning, RFP request for events and Spa. Help your customers at every stage of their booking for better response time and increased net revenue.

Key data

Missed calls, missed clients


of travellers believe it is cheaper and easier to book directly with the property than through third party websites.

This perception may lead to more telephone bookings, as guests seek to avoid additional charges and obtain direct communication with hosts.

use cases

We automate your needs

Booking management

Optimize reservation management with Bookline in an agile and simple way: real-time availability and customized options. Configure room types, restaurant, extras and much more.

Loyalty programs

Generate quality leads and increase your customer database by getting their email in exchange for attractive discounts via WhatsApp.


Increase outbound calls from the web through a CTA to contact your customers at any time. Offer quality customer service 24/7 and accelerate the sales cycle.


Provide quick and unlimited answers with our chat GPT integrated assistant. Customize the answers according to the needs of your acommodation.

Feedback & surveys

Enhance the customer experience by listening to customer feedback and understanding their needs. Personalize and analyze surveys to maintain a quality relationship.


Generate additional sales opportunities in a personalized and dynamic way, by improving the guest experience. We identify the right moment creating the best strategy for greater profitability.

Integramos con tus herramientas

How we do it

  • Define your needs

    We analyze your business model and design an assistant that fits the experience you want to offer.

  • Design and configure

    We configure the conversational flow and optimize its AI capabilities, as well as make the necessary integrations.

  • Activate

    We do extensive testing to ensure the quality and performance of the assistant. Once activated, we monitor the results closely and have continuous follow-ups.

Case  studies

Nuestros asistentes en acción

Ten una visión más detallada de cómo nuestros asistentes están logrando resultados significativos. Estos case studies demuestran cómo nuestros asistentes mejoran la experiencia del cliente, optimizan los procesos comerciales y generan impacto analizable. Explora mejor las capacidades y beneficios de nuestros clientes.


Find your use case and watch our demos​

Custom  demo

Personalize your assistant and request a demo

Start your bookline journey

We will provide you with a phone number integrated with your software so you can see the real experience the user will have when calling your business.

If you like it, we will reroute the call the real number and the assistant will answer all calls. Remember that whenever necessary, the call will be passed on to the local branch.

At the end of the testing phase, we will share with you a detailed report with the most important metrics and the assistant’s performance.