Reduce last-minute cancellations and ensure that customers do not forget about their bookings or appointments.


Reduce no-shows

Keep customers informed about their bookings in advance, reducing unexpected cancellations.

Better time management

It organizes the agenda with an automated system that allows you to focus on other tasks that require more human-touch...


Improve client experience

Offer a personalized reminder service that will increase your customer satisfaction.

Increase efficiency

Less last-minute cancellations mean fewer unforeseen events and a better resources optimization.

Reminder via phone call - outbound

  • Customizable time span: 24h? 48h? Decide when you want to remind the customer of his reservation.
  • Personalized message: Better customer satisfaction by greeting by name and reminding the appointment details
  • Ongoing management: Offer the possibility to modify or cancel the reservation in the reminder call.

Reminder via WhatsApp

  • Better interaction: Get a higher open and reply rate when using an instant messaging application.
  • Multimedia messages: Offer a personalized experience by adding videos or images in the message.
  • Unlimited management: Offer the possibility to modify or cancel the reservation in a dynamic and immediate way.

Why automate?

Increase conversion rate

96% success rate in the appointment management

Cut costs

Decrease customer support costs

Identify customer trends

Extract data and insights from incoming calls and take the right decisions

Improve brand image

Give 24/7 customer support and maintain a stable brand image

How we do it?

  • Define your needs

    We analyze your business model and design an assistant that fits the experience you want to offer.

  • Design and configure

    We configure the conversational flow and optimize its AI capabilities, as well as make the necessary integrations.

  • Activate

    We do extensive testing to ensure the quality and performance of the assistant. Once activated, we monitor the results closely and have continuous follow-ups.

Start your bookline journey

We will provide you with a phone number integrated with your software so you can see the real experience the user will have when calling your business.

If you like it, we will reroute the call the real number and the assistant will answer all calls. Remember that whenever necessary, the call will be passed on to the local branch.

At the end of the testing phase, we will share with you a detailed report with the most important metrics and the assistant’s performance.