With bookline everything is possible

Design your conversational flow with our experts’ help

Greeting by name

Your customers are special and we want them to know it from the first contact. We integrate with your CRM or database so that the assistant greets them by name.

Call rerouting

Forget about memorizing all your business extensions. All we need is the name or department and we put the call through.

Call identification

We tell you who is calling before you pick up the phone. Every time the assistant puts the call through to your business a notification appears in your browser with the incoming call.

Omnichannel management

We manage reservations with cancellation and prepayment policy. We adapt to your cancellation conditions and send a WhatsApp or SMS with a link for the customer to go directly to the payment gateway.

Data & insights

Extract insights and discover customer trends thanks to data. You will be able to know in which time slots they tend to call and the distribution of calls in limited periods of time, among other metrics.

In-queue questions

We solve the doubts while the customer waits for an agent to answer his call. This way we make the process more pleasant and the customer is accompanied.

we are different

Why choose us?

Effortless setup

You can focus on your core business while we handle the entire bot setup

Fast turnaround

We deploy your assistant in a record time

Ongoing support

We provide continuous support and updates to optimize bot performance

Increase sales

Offer your product 24/7 without limitations and generate leads constantly

Reduce costs

Assign your teams to value-adding tasks

How we do it

  • Define your needs

    We analyze your business model and design an assistant that fits the experience you want to offer.

  • Design and configure

    We configure the conversational flow and optimize its AI capabilities, as well as make the necessary integrations.

  • Activate

    We do extensive testing to ensure the quality and performance of the assistant. Once activated, we monitor the results closely and have continuous follow-ups.


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Start your bookline journey

We will provide you with a phone number integrated with your software so you can see the real experience the user will have when calling your business.

If you like it, we will reroute the call the real number and the assistant will answer all calls. Remember that whenever necessary, the call will be passed on to the local branch.

At the end of the testing phase, we will share with you a detailed report with the most important metrics and the assistant’s performance.