What it is and how to get the most out of it

What is it?

A click-to-call widget for your hotel is like having a virtual concierge service. When your guests want to reach out to you, they simply input their phone number and hit the button. This smart tool sends a signal to your assistant, who calls the guest immediately.

Why deploy it?

It streamlines communication, ensuring your guests don’t have to wait on hold or navigate a complex phone menu. It’s a win-win, as it enhances the guest experience, making interactions with your hotel efficient and customer-focused. Plus, it showcases your commitment to delivering top-notch service, all while making life easier for your team.

Try it yourself!

If you still have doubts, leave us your number and live the experience your client will have.

Main benefits

24/7 availability

Our voice assistant is available round the clock, enabling guests to connect with your hotel at their convenience

Generate new leads

Allows to reach out to customers during non-working hours. Thus, it ensures no leads are missed.

Accelerate revenue

Thanks to the personalized and immediate attention, the conversion rate increases and thus the turnover.

How do I install it?

There are several ways to do this. Follow the steps in the documentation section.

Can’t get it installed? Write us an email and a customer service agent will contact you.